Who is The Urban Strategist?

Mission Statement

To lead, engage, strategize, and build relationships one community at a time.

My career to date has encompassed transit planning and housing policy. Something still bothered me but I still had a burning desire. Something was missing. I just didn't know how to express it. I reverted back to what I have been known for - strategy hence I'm going back to becoming The Urban Strategist!

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Throughout my career, while I am grateful for what I accomplished, it still is challenging to incorporate a social justice lens to transit planning because of the nature of the industry - siloed, technical and very few people of colour in leadership positions.

Whether it is innovations in transportation, regionalization or housing opportunities, there is room to understand social justice within the intersection of equity. It is about the diversity of lived experiences and bringing those people to the table to make policy decisions better.

I am now focused on moving forward as I embark on this re-envisioned journey. I have ambitions and dreams. I am being authentic and telling MY story.

I am also listening to your stories and to understand your lived experiences so that we can make our workplaces and professions more diverse and inclusive.