Legacies and Letters

Image Courtesy of Transit Toronto

The transit file has reared its ugly head yet again.

During Tuesday’s podcast of On the Ledge podcast with Dave Trafford, John Wright and Keith Leslie, they discussed how the Provincial Tories have an opportunity to stake their claim and become a “Legacy Government” on the transportation – namely transit, infrastructure, health care, and education files.  Two things stood out for me during the podcast.

First, was the panel’s assumption that the Conservatives, namely Premier Doug Ford, is seemingly amenable to above ground transit technology, aka light rail transit.

Second, with respect to the subway upload, the assertion is that the upload is for the design and build of future subway lines and not existing ones.  Dave Trafford confirmed with the Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek this morning on the Moore in the AM radio talk show that the Province, ie Metrolinx, would also include maintenance.  Maintenance does take up a considerable chunk out of a transit system’s budget.  Therefore, the proposed upload could entail the TTC maintaining and operating the existing network, while only operating the newer systems.

Governance Politics

Brampton: Welcome to the new City of Mississauga

The Ontario Government announced earlier this week that they will be conducting a review of regional government. 8 regional municipalities and the 82 local municipalities within them will be affected. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs announced they hired reputable advisors, Michael Fenn and Ken Seiling, to undertake this study. For those who read Leaders in the Shadows, Fenn’s career was highlighted in the book. The “leader-generalist” was a former Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) in Burlington and former deputy minister with the MMAH. Seiling was the former elected Chair of Waterloo Region from 1985-2018.

Housing Politics Social Planning and Equity

Rent Control Died in California and Ontario. Now What?

Image Courtesy of The Globe and Mail

I woke up to a blog post from Toronto Housing Matters where they supported the Province of Ontario’s decision to partially eliminate rent control on newer rental buildings.

The post continued into an academically, yet basic, economics argument on supply and demand, then moves to a discussion of why rent control is intrinsically horrible, especially for low-income renters.  I wasn’t convinced, so I did some digging.